I have organized the range of webinars / presentations I've done over the last few years of guiding. Please enjoy hearing about some of the things I am most passionate in our natural world.


Canada's Great Bear Rainforest: An introduction to a remote and wild place on the central and north coast of British Columbia, Canada.


A Grizzly Bear's Journey: I discuss the life of one bear. The extraordinary life of a female bear that's range is in the Southern Great Bear Rainforest.


Northern Lights in Science and Legend: The Aurora Borealis has long mystified humans from all over the world. I dive into what makes them happen, and some fascinating history and legends about them.


Spirit Bears of BC: Spirit Bears are the most elusive of all the bears. I discuss why that is, where they are found, and how you might be able to find one.


Rewilding the Alps: I discuss the reintroduction efforts of several keystone species into the Swiss Alps.


Cleaning up the Coast: Join me for a discussion about the 2020 Marine Debris Removal Initiative where I spent 45 days on the coast of BC accessing remote beaches to remove huge amounts of mostly plastic debris.


Which Bear Is Best? NatHab Daily Dose of Nature: In a playful webinar, expedition guides Annie Van Dinther, Brad Josephs, Drew Hamilton and myself discuss why you should think each bear is best! But it's not a competition...


Churchill Summer Adventure: I present some of my experiences from expeditions to Churchill, Manitoba to travelers from around the world. Learn about what is possible in this beautiful frontier town surrounded by wilderness.


Swiss Alps Adventure: In 2019, I worked closely with guides and friends Andrea Serena and Martin Renner to scout and put together a phenomenal Swiss Alps trip. In this video I describe the adventure!